As stated in Delphi Energy Corp.’s (“Delphi”) most recent press release, Catapult has struck an agreement with Delphi to provide water management services to their Bigstone Montney development. Highlights from the agreement are as follows:

  • Catapult will drill a disposal well and pipeline connect it to Dephi’s 7-11 facility, helping to reduce truck traffic
  • The water management agreement will reduce Delphi’s water handling operating costs
  • The proximity of Catapult’s infield solution will also aid Delphi in lowering their completion costs
  • Delphi estimates a decrease in completion flow-back trucking and disposal costs by over 50%

For more information, follow Delphi’s press release below:


Catapult is excited to inform our clients that we have completed the drilling of our Fox Creek Complex’s second well.  With the increasing development and subsequent water production in the surrounding fields, the need for additional disposal capacity is paramount.  Catapult looks forward to continuing their exemplary water management services for our partners in the greater Fox Creek area.