Crystal Lake Boardwalk Improvement

This past summer, Ty Gervais, Catapult’s Lead Operational Professional at our Fox Complex, brought a unique opportunity to the attention of the Company that would benefit the local Fox Creek community.  Ty proposed that Catapult use its time and resources to improve the boardwalk that leads to the local hot spot: Crystal Lake.

The boardwalk itself was originally built in the 1980s by a group of volunteers with the Fox Creek Fish & Game Society and was further expanded in 1996 by the Junior Forest Rangers in partnership with the Alberta Newsprint Company and Chevron Corporation.  Over the years, conditions of the boardwalk worsened and it has been Ty’s desire to rebuild the walkway for the benefit of the community.

After Home Hardware generously agreed to cut all the necessary lumber to the required length, as well as provide Catapult with a discount on materials, Ty and his group got to work.  It took him and his team, a mix of Catapult employees and other local volunteers, a total of three days to complete the new boardwalk.

A special thanks goes out to Ty Gervais, Lorie Schar, Parker Nedeljak, Wyatt Indoe, Dawson Lewis-Stevens, Eric Doran, Cody Miskelly, and Kelly Derksen for taking the time to complete the wonderful new boardwalk.  Catapult would also like to thank the Fox Creek Home Hardware for partnering with Catapult on this project.  In an area where most of the water bodies are a darker “tea color”, Crystal Lake is unique for its clear, calm waters.

Tim Dalgleish

My name is Tim Dalgleish.
I am in field sales and business development here at Catapult Water Midstream.  I am responsible for fostering new client relationships and maintaining our high level of existing client service.  I have been involved in the waste handling sector, in various capacities, for 30+ years and have had the privilege of working with many fantastic teams.  My current internal team is very supportive and together we create value for our clients by safely providing unparalleled water management solutions. What I enjoy the most about working here at Catapult is the commitment of the entire team to change the game of water management through the use of innovative process ideas and technologies.

By being collaborative, respectful, accountable, transparent, humble and trustworthy, we are able to unlock the potential of our people to create extraordinary value for all. High Performance Team is one one of Catapult’s core values. If you would like to be part of our team, look at our Current Postings page or Our Culture page for more info.