Why Catapult?

We are partnership providers. We strategically select partners and work with them to handle their water management needs while reducing overall costs.


At Catapult Environmental we foster a culture of excellence in which we grow a healthy productive workforce. We pride ourselves on a high-performance environment in which we challenge the status quo to transform industries with sustainable solutions.

We are committed to delivering extraordinary client service to all our partners while developing, owning and operating cost-effective facilities for the management of water and oilfield fluids. We safely manage the most complex environmental challenges in pursuit of oilfield by-product reduction, treatment, re-use and disposal.

We are industry veterans that provide unparalleled expertise, value and service to the environmental waste and water treatment sector. We deliver innovative and practical strategies to change the game of water management and help clients address complex environmental challenges.

Staff Bios

Michael S. Wood, M.Sc., RPF., EP.

President and Chief Executive Officer
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Ryan Kaminski, B.Sc.

Chief Operating Officer
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James Bonyai, CA

Chief Financial Officer
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David Huggins, CA

Vice President, Finance
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Wade Scott, C.E.T.

Vice President Operations
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James Graham, P.Eng

Vice President Engineering
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Jeff Conley, P.Eng

Director of Project Development
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Stu Gilman, B.Sc.

Director of Business Development
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Board of Directors

Jeremy Gackle
Vice-President, ARC Financial
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Peter Christopher
Vice-President, ARC Financial
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Michael Shaw
Director, Catapult Environmental
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Michael Wood
CEO, Catapult Environmental
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