In June 2021, Catapult’s employees sacrificed their hard-earned weekend off to restore a local fishing and watering hole near our facility in Fox Creek, AB.

30 years ago, a group of volunteers (including the father of one of our employees) developed a local Trout Pond with a dock and bench, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, swimming, and fishing the area has to offer. Over the years, it had become a well known hangout spot but was in a serious state of disrepair. A group of Catapulters, with the help of their family and friends, took it upon themselves to clean up the area and repair the infrastructure.

The area was cleaned of all debris, repairs were conducted on the broken boards of the dock. The area is now restored to it’s former glory, allowing a new generation of people to enjoy it.

Catapult would like to thank Ty Gervais, Zach Wiltse, Adam Marshall, Bret George, and Delainey Marshall for their hard work. A special thanks also goes out to Kanaskîy Services Ltd. for partnering with Catapult on this project and agreeing to leave a dumpster on site for locals to dispose of any trash they may accumulate while enjoying the pond.


ESG/Our Commitment Please click the link to find Catapult’s 2020 ESG Report Catapult 2020 Corporate ESG Report


CALGARY, Alberta, January 25, 2021 – Catapult Water Midstream (“Catapult” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that is has entered a strategic alliance with Topaz Energy Corp. (“Topaz”).  In addition, Catapult and Topaz have concluded definitive agreements whereby majority ownership of certain water infrastructure assets has been acquired from NuVista Energy Ltd. (“NuVista”) in return for cash payment to the producer.  As part of the transaction, NuVista has entered into a long-term water services agreement and will continue to operate the assets.

The transaction will provide NuVista with immediate capital as well as long-term certainty regarding access to cost effective, environmentally responsible water sourcing, storage, and re-injection.

The ongoing operation of the water infrastructure assets demonstrate the commitment of all parties to enhanced environmental stewardship and sustainability by reducing:

  • Truck traffic on local roads
  • Potential incidence of environmental release
  • Freshwater usage for completions activities
  • Logistics costs
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to the water services provided to NuVista under the agreements, all parties to the transaction intend to be able to provide environmentally sustainable water solutions to other parties in the Pipestone area of Alberta.

At Catapult, we have developed a compelling partnership model that is focused on fostering long-term integrated relationships and providing extraordinary client service that exceeds expectations.

For information, follow the below press releases:

Catapult Environmental announces new water management complex and new strategic direction

CALGARY, Alberta, July 2, 2019 — Catapult Environmental is pleased to announce that it has opened the Berland Complex, its third water management facility, southwest of Fox Creek, Alberta.

Working with key partners, the Berland Complex is connected to Montney and Duvernay operators through a network of pipelines that will enable Catapult to process, recycle and dispose of 2,000 m3 of water per day. The complex solves costly water management challenges in the area, conveys water via pipeline and reduce C02 emissions by >1000tons annually.

“We are very excited about the potential of the Berland Complex. We’ve partnered with the top operators in the region to connect their operations via pipeline to this facility,” said Michael Wood, President and CEO of Catapult. “We expect to connect more operators to this complex in the coming months which will decrease water handling costs and bring more profitability to our partners.”

Catapult has also solidified its new strategic direction by announcing a name change to Catapult Water Midstream, demonstrating the company’s commitment to build a fully connected pipeline network among its complexes and to operators’ facilities across the Montney and Duvernay.

Catapult Water Midstream


“As an ARC Financial sponsored company, Catapult is positioning itself to be a true leader in the water midstream space,” said Jeremy Gackle, Senior Vice-President with ARC Financial and Catapult Board Chairman. “Catapult is fully integrating water handling capabilities and ultimately simplifies and streamlines water processing for energy companies.”

Catapult has invited local community members to participate in a ribbon cutting of the Berland Complex on July 18 and will roll out its name change to Catapult Water Midstream over the summer of 2019.

About Catapult

Started in 2014, Catapult is challenging the status quo of water management with strong leadership to transform the energy industry through sustainable solutions, extraordinary client service and a relentless focus on safety.

About Berland Complex

The Berland Complex construction started in 2018 and was completed ahead of schedule in the Spring of 2019. The complex is a full cycle water management facility that has a capacity of 2,000 m3/day.


Name: Gaetan Gobeil

Phone: 403.701.5792



Crystal Lake Boardwalk Improvement

This past summer, Ty Gervais, Catapult’s Lead Operational Professional at our Fox Complex, brought a unique opportunity to the attention of the Company that would benefit the local Fox Creek community.  Ty proposed that Catapult use its time and resources to improve the boardwalk that leads to the local hot spot: Crystal Lake.

The boardwalk itself was originally built in the 1980s by a group of volunteers with the Fox Creek Fish & Game Society and was further expanded in 1996 by the Junior Forest Rangers in partnership with the Alberta Newsprint Company and Chevron Corporation.  Over the years, conditions of the boardwalk worsened and it has been Ty’s desire to rebuild the walkway for the benefit of the community.

After Home Hardware generously agreed to cut all the necessary lumber to the required length, as well as provide Catapult with a discount on materials, Ty and his group got to work.  It took him and his team, a mix of Catapult employees and other local volunteers, a total of three days to complete the new boardwalk.

A special thanks goes out to Ty Gervais, Lorie Schar, Parker Nedeljak, Wyatt Indoe, Dawson Lewis-Stevens, Eric Doran, Cody Miskelly, and Kelly Derksen for taking the time to complete the wonderful new boardwalk.  Catapult would also like to thank the Fox Creek Home Hardware for partnering with Catapult on this project.  In an area where most of the water bodies are a darker “tea color”, Crystal Lake is unique for its clear, calm waters.

Tim Dalgleish

My name is Tim Dalgleish.
I am in field sales and business development here at Catapult Water Midstream.  I am responsible for fostering new client relationships and maintaining our high level of existing client service.  I have been involved in the waste handling sector, in various capacities, for 30+ years and have had the privilege of working with many fantastic teams.  My current internal team is very supportive and together we create value for our clients by safely providing unparalleled water management solutions. What I enjoy the most about working here at Catapult is the commitment of the entire team to change the game of water management through the use of innovative process ideas and technologies.

By being collaborative, respectful, accountable, transparent, humble and trustworthy, we are able to unlock the potential of our people to create extraordinary value for all. High Performance Team is one one of Catapult’s core values. If you would like to be part of our team, look at our Current Postings page or Our Culture page for more info.

Catapult’s Inaugural Golf Classic

On August 21, 2018, Catapult Water Midstream hosted their inaugural golf tournament at the Valley Ridge Golf Club of Calgary.  During a week filled with rain and overcast conditions, the golf gods smiled down on the attendees by delivering a day of blue skies and sunshine. The Catapult Classic was created in order to thank all of our clients and vendors for supporting Catapult since our inception and for helping us become the leader in full-cycle water management.  It also helped to raise funds for the Fresh Start Recovery Centre; Fresh Start specializes in helping men and families struggling with the disease of addiction find solutions through long-term recovery.

Special thanks to our clients, vendors, the Catapult golf committee, and the Valley Ridge Golf Club for making the Inaugural Catapult Classic a tremendous success!


As stated in Delphi Energy Corp.’s (“Delphi”) most recent press release, Catapult has struck an agreement with Delphi to provide water management services to their Bigstone Montney development. Highlights from the agreement are as follows:

  • Catapult will drill a disposal well and pipeline connect it to Dephi’s 7-11 facility, helping to reduce truck traffic
  • The water management agreement will reduce Delphi’s water handling operating costs
  • The proximity of Catapult’s infield solution will also aid Delphi in lowering their completion costs
  • Delphi estimates a decrease in completion flow-back trucking and disposal costs by over 50%

For more information, follow Delphi’s press release below:


Catapult is excited to inform our clients that we have completed the drilling of our Fox Creek Complex’s second well.  With the increasing development and subsequent water production in the surrounding fields, the need for additional disposal capacity is paramount.  Catapult looks forward to continuing their exemplary water management services for our partners in the greater Fox Creek area.



Happenings Catapult Announces Opening of the Tower Water Management Facility Catapult Environmental Inc. (“Catapult”) is pleased to announce the opening of their Tower water management facility southeast of Taylor British Columbia.  The facility is a result of a previously signed partnership agreement with Crew Energy Inc. (“Crew”), a premier Montney oil and gas producer, to design and build a water management facility in their Tower field.  This facility allows Catapult to treat flow-back and produced water.  The treated water will … Read more


Catapult provides sustainable water management solutions to help support our environment, our clients, and our communities.  Our focus on sustainability permeates through all aspects of our day-to-day operations including our volunteer initiatives.  Recently, Catapult employees assembled in Edworthy Park to help the City of Calgary in protecting the local trees from an increase in beaver activity.

While beavers play an important role in creating healthy fluvial water bodies, they can also cause issues in their surrounding habitats.  A single beaver can cut down over 200 trees a year and this removal of trees reduces the availability of treed habitats for dependent wildlife, while also creating beaver dams that can cause local flooding and even damage storm drains.  Locally, natural predation has not kept up with the beaver’s population growth and has resulted in forested areas such as Edworthy Park struggling to sustain themselves.

Catapult set out to protect as many living trees as possible by wrapping their bases with metal wiring.  If you’re interested in understanding what this “tree protection” process looks like, click on the City of Calgary’s link below.

How to Wire Trees to Protect Against Beavers


Ty Gervais

My name is Ty Gervais. I’m a Lead Operational Professional.
I have been with Catapult since 2016. I provide value to Catapult by supporting and developing the Operations team at the Fox Creek Complex. As well by living our core values in the pursuit of client service excellence, and maintaining both physical and emotional safety within the workplace. The best part about working for Catapult is being a part of developing a growing team.

By being collaborative, respectful, accountable, transparent, humble and trustworthy, we are able to unlock the potential of our people to create extraordinary value for all. High Performance Team is one one of Catapult’s core values. If you would like to be part of our team, look at our Current Postings page or Our Culture page for more info.


Happenings CATAPULT’S FOX CREEK EXPANSION Catapult is excited to inform you that the expansion of our Fox Creek facility is almost complete! We look forward to providing increased disposal capacity and exemplary water management services for our partners in the greater Fox Creek area.


Happenings CATAPULT’S FOCUS ON SAFETY: COR SAFETY AUDIT SCORE OF 99% At Catapult, the safety of our employees, partners and the environment is a core value that is at the forefront of everything we do.  That is why we are proud to announce our recent Certificate of Recognition (COR) safety audit score of 99%. This COR score exemplifies Catapult’s dedication to our HSE program.  We understand that providing a physically and emotionally safe work environment for our employees brings out … Read more


Happenings Catapult Announces a New Water Management Facility Partnership Catapult Environmental Inc. (“Catapult”) announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Crew Energy Inc. (“Crew”), a premier Montney oil and gas producer, to design and build a water management facility in northeast British Columbia.  This facility will allow Catapult to treat flow-back and produced water.  The treated water will be re-used for oil and gas operations, thereby minimizing fresh water consumption and water disposal.  Catapult will own and operate … Read more