In June 2021, Catapult’s employees sacrificed their hard-earned weekend off to restore a local fishing and watering hole near our facility in Fox Creek, AB.

30 years ago, a group of volunteers (including the father of one of our employees) developed a local Trout Pond with a dock and bench, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, swimming, and fishing the area has to offer. Over the years, it had become a well known hangout spot but was in a serious state of disrepair. A group of Catapulters, with the help of their family and friends, took it upon themselves to clean up the area and repair the infrastructure.

The area was cleaned of all debris, repairs were conducted on the broken boards of the dock. The area is now restored to it’s former glory, allowing a new generation of people to enjoy it.

Catapult would like to thank Ty Gervais, Zach Wiltse, Adam Marshall, Bret George, and Delainey Marshall for their hard work. A special thanks also goes out to Kanaskîy Services Ltd. for partnering with Catapult on this project and agreeing to leave a dumpster on site for locals to dispose of any trash they may accumulate while enjoying the pond.


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CALGARY, Alberta, January 25, 2021 – Catapult Water Midstream (“Catapult” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that is has entered a strategic alliance with Topaz Energy Corp. (“Topaz”).  In addition, Catapult and Topaz have concluded definitive agreements whereby majority ownership of certain water infrastructure assets has been acquired from NuVista Energy Ltd. (“NuVista”) in return for cash payment to the producer.  As part of the transaction, NuVista has entered into a long-term water services agreement and will continue to operate the assets.

The transaction will provide NuVista with immediate capital as well as long-term certainty regarding access to cost effective, environmentally responsible water sourcing, storage, and re-injection.

The ongoing operation of the water infrastructure assets demonstrate the commitment of all parties to enhanced environmental stewardship and sustainability by reducing:

  • Truck traffic on local roads
  • Potential incidence of environmental release
  • Freshwater usage for completions activities
  • Logistics costs
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to the water services provided to NuVista under the agreements, all parties to the transaction intend to be able to provide environmentally sustainable water solutions to other parties in the Pipestone area of Alberta.

At Catapult, we have developed a compelling partnership model that is focused on fostering long-term integrated relationships and providing extraordinary client service that exceeds expectations.

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