Tower Case Study

Water sourcing and disposal costs make up a large portion of most oil and gas operators’ OPEX. The lifecycle of a water molecule, from being sourced to being reused or disposed of, can vary greatly depending on the water management options nearby. Catapult met with a Montney producer in the Tower field of British Columbia, to listen to their water management challenges and set out to lower their all-in water management costs.

Based on analysis of the operator’s water production in their main fields and forecasting future water requirements, Catapult developed a water management solution that could significantly cut the producer’s water handling costs. Developing a pipeline connected water management facility infield and adjacent to their main central battery eliminates not only the costs for trucking water but also promotes environmental and social governance. Less trucks on the roads also has the benefit of increasing safety while lowering the operator’s carbon footprint.


  • Pipeline connection to the producer’s battery eliminated trucking 

  • Acquired suspended wells for future water disposal purposes

  • Additional wells available to aid in future disposal expansion

  • Developed water reuse plan to complement long-term strategy in the area