Catapult provides sustainable water management solutions to help support our environment, our clients, and our communities.  Our focus on sustainability permeates through all aspects of our day-to-day operations including our volunteer initiatives.  Recently, Catapult employees assembled in Edworthy Park to help the City of Calgary in protecting the local trees from an increase in beaver activity.

While beavers play an important role in creating healthy fluvial water bodies, they can also cause issues in their surrounding habitats.  A single beaver can cut down over 200 trees a year and this removal of trees reduces the availability of treed habitats for dependent wildlife, while also creating beaver dams that can cause local flooding and even damage storm drains.  Locally, natural predation has not kept up with the beaver’s population growth and has resulted in forested areas such as Edworthy Park struggling to sustain themselves.

Catapult set out to protect as many living trees as possible by wrapping their bases with metal wiring.  If you’re interested in understanding what this “tree protection” process looks like, click on the City of Calgary’s link below.

How to Wire Trees to Protect Against Beavers