Catapult Environmental Inc. is committed to protecting the environment during all our processes.  We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing environmental matters.  The company recognizes that every individual plays a vital part in protecting the environment. As a company we must be aware of the effects that we have on the environment and must try to minimize them.  Management will lead in the implementation of this policy. Our commitment will be incorporated into business activities through the following guiding principles:

  • Management will promote the development and enforcement of good environmental standards in accordance with relevant legislation and applicable industry standards concerning the protection of the public an environment;
  • Determine, evaluate and mitigate the environmental impact of our business during project planning, implementation, operation and decommissioning;
  • Report all spills and check with client on clean up techniques; clean up all spills caused from leaking machinery and mobile equipment;
  • Use, store, and dispose of products in such a manner that will provide appropriate protection to the environment;
  • Pick up YOUR garbage and place in proper garbage or recycle bins;
  • Prevent the uncontrolled release of hazardous materials, ensure containment facilities are well maintained;
  • Record and document waste sent to waste recycle facilities for proper disposition, where applicable;
  • Minimize health hazards;
  • Hazardous Goods will be handled safely according to the following government regulations: Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System regulations.  These regulations require hazardous goods to be properly labeled, packaged, handled and transported.  NOTE: WE DO NOT TRANSPORT DANGEROUS GOODS; dangerous goods are transported to our facility.
  • Provide education and training to employees to keep them informed on how to do their jobs in such a manner as to cause minimum environmental harm and waste of materials;
  • Maintaining an effective communication and reporting system;
  • Accountability of all staff for their actions and decisions;
  • Where possible, we shall recycle and promote the use of recycled products;
  • Respond to the concerns of our employees and Prime Contractors regarding the environment; and,
  • Ensure we all do our part and clean up after ourselves.

Our purpose is to create an environment as waste free as possible within the operation, and to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of our waste.

  • Always be conscious of the environment.
  • Do Not leave any empty containers on any worksite.
  • Garbage is not to be thrown out of equipment or vehicles.
  • All fluid storage containers must be constructed and maintained to minimize the risk of spills

Employees will make every effort to the following to minimize waste:

  • Recycle and Follow the “Pack In Pack Out” guideline – take out what you brought in;
  • Use garbage facilities provided on site.

The threat to our environment is real, and we now have the opportunity to make a positive impact through leadership shown by this company.

Please leave the environment as good as or better than you found it.  Recycle all that can be recycled.

** The information in this policy does not take precedence over applicable government legislation with which all employees should be familiar.