Catapult Environmental Inc. is pleased to announce our most recent service offering.

As of April 6th, 2016 the AER is issuing Approval No. WM 184. to Catapult Environmental Inc. for a Fox Creek Oilfield Waste Management Facility. This new facility classification gives Catapult Environmental Inc. the ability to process and manage the following waste streams at its Fox Creek Oilfield Waste Management Facility and associated 1B disposal well effective immediately:


Alberta Generated Oilfield Waste

  • Acid Solutions [ACID]
  • Boiler Blowdown Water [BLBDWT]
  • Caustic Solutions [CAUS]
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions [CORINH]
  • Waters Contaminated (leachate, collected surface waters) [CWATER]
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (gas sweetening) [FLBWSW]
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (water treatment) [FLBWWT]
  • Frac Fluid (water based) [FRFLDW]
  • Glycol Solutions (no heavy metals) [GLYC]
  • Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol [METHNL]
  • Water – Process (with heavy metals) [PWTRHM]
  • Water – Process (with organic chemicals) [PWTROR]
  • Sweetening Agents (liquids) [SWTLIQ]
  • Water – Produced (including brine solutions) [WATER]
  • Wash Fluids – Organic [WSHORG]
  • Wash Fluids – Water [WSHWTR]
  • Well Workover Fluids [WWOLFD]

Alberta Generated Non-Hazardous Recyclable/Waste (non-oilfield [NONOFD])

  • Waters Contaminated (leachate, collected surface waters)
  • Wash Fluids – Water
  • Process Water

Imported Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Recyclable (non-oilfield [NONOFD])

  • Frac Fluid (Water Based)
  • Water Produced (including brine solutions)

AER Directive 051 1B fluids

  • AER Directive 058 approval no.: WM184
  • AER Directive 051 approval no.: 12507
  • Alberta Environment and Parks Hazardous Waste Receiver registration no. / Ministerial Authorization: ABR10124

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